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modern recruiting, employee retention, and team wellness scores

Create a great candidate experience and enjoy modern hiring, plus keep your employees happy and hardworking.

veterinary recruiting tools

post unlimited jobs, search thousands of nationwide job seeker profiles, unlimited candidate chat, and unlimited hires!

veterinary retention tools

foster healthy culture and team engagement with recognition and reward, growth plans, feedback, and community.

workforce analytics

keep track of your team’s wellbeing with robust employee, practice, and even group wellbeing scores.

gain access to a better breed of pet parent

UPC provider status is a high-quality, long-term consumer acquisition strategy with no long-term commitments. Since we partner with large regional companies to offer employee pet benefits, we give you access to a rich roster of invested pet parents.

better relationships

enjoy the fulfillment of strong relationships and continuity of care with invested UPC patients.

better business

improve your bottom line with returning patients who spend more on preventative, follow-up, and diagnostic care.

better access

compete with the big dogs. UPC will get your clinic in front of the right eyes with your local region’s marquee employers.

Christy Schwartz

VA Vet Specialists

I love that hound is building a brighter future in vet med with us. I love their vision and their growth trajectory. Sign up! You won’t regret it!

Jessica Geary

Innovetive Petcare

Hound is extremely creative in building solutions for what employers need, and just as focused on creating a unique candidate experience. It’s a game-changer.

Courtney Hamilton, LVT

Encore Vet Group

Get on hound because they’re simply amazing. Hound support is next to none - we’ve never felt so heard.

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