relief rover has joined hound's family of products!

Hound’s mission is to create a world where people work how they want, love their work, and care for more pets. On this journey of building modern talent solutions for veterinary workers and employers, we quickly recognized many shared values and synergies between Hound and Relief Rover. By welcoming Relief Rover to the family of Hound products, we will collaboratively expand our best-in-breed solutions to support veterinary professionals throughout the entire employee journey.

We are unifying our teams, technology, and resources. Together, we will modernize veterinary job search and hiring, relief careers and resources, employee engagement and retention, access to care for pets, and beyond. From us all at Hound and Relief Rover, thank you for your enthusiastic support of our businesses and for the opportunity to serve you.

With so much love,
Andrew & Cindy

Andrew Luna
Andrew Luna
Founder & CEO, hound
Cindy Trice, DVM
Cindy Trice, DVM
Founder, Relief Rover
CVO, hound
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watch the fireside chat

Hear from Andrew Luna, Founder & CEO of hound, and Cindy Trice, Founder of Relief Rover (and hound's new Chief Veterinary Officer).

Hound and Relief Rover Join Forces to Build the Future of Work in Veterinary Medicine

Andrew Luna
Founder & CEO @ hound
Cindy Trice, DVM
Founder @ Relief Rover, CVO @ hound

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Sydney Pokard


When I found hound I knew they were something special. Their goal is to modernize the entire employee journey, by providing a better hiring experience for anyone in vetmed.

Jessica Lukow

Veterinary Technician

If you’re looking for a job in vet med, this is the go-to place. I feel like everything hound is building is exactly the direction vet med needs to go.

Jennifer Lukowski


Since joining Relief Rover, I have had multiple practices in need of relief help reach out. I am so grateful for this much needed resource which has been so helpful to me and I know will help so many others in the future!

Julie Liu


Relief Rover has helped me so much since I became a relief vet, providing tips on how to practice relief as well as how to run my own business. I feel a true sense of community as a relief professional and Relief Rover member.


Why is Relief Rover joining hound?

Combining forces with hound will help us reach our technical milestones faster to provide relief veterinarians and technicians with more opportunities, resources, and assets to build and run their relief practices efficiently, connect with the right jobs, and grow their networks. It will also allow for a smoother experience for hospitals and practices interested in connecting with relief professionals.

Will Relief Rover change and become more like hound – serving the entire veterinary industry?

We are thrilled to combine with hound – where we will remain committed to engaging, empowering, and elevating relief professionals for the benefit of the entire profession.

Will Relief Rover cease to exist and just get rolled into hound?

Relief Rover lives on! We are joining the hound family as Relief Rover.

Is anything going to change with my Relief Rover membership?

For vets & techs, no, your membership stays the same. We look forward to sharing new tools and technology in the near future, as well as continuing to get your feedback on ways to continue improving our community and platform.

For employers,
today, your membership access and pricing remains the same. As we roll out new features it is possible there will be a pricing change that won’t go into effect until your renewal period. We will continue to keep you informed of any changes. If you have any questions, our Customer Success Manager, Meaghan McElroen, is happy to help!

Is anything going to change with my experience on Scout or Rally?

No! Today you will not see a difference in your experience in the core hound products. Over the next 6 months, we'll be taking feedback from both our and Relief Rover's users to ensure we build well upon Relief Rover's already stellar product.

Will Relief Rover contracts need to change to hound?

For enterprise employers, your current contract remains the same. When it is time for renewal, the contract will come from hound for Relief Rover services. If you have any questions, our Customer Success Manager, Meaghan McElroen, is happy to help!

For partners, we will work with you to reassign the contract to hound. Cindy will work directly with you to ensure this process is smooth and we continue our successful partnership.

Is the entire Relief Rover team joining hound? And will Cindy continue in her current role?

We are pleased that the majority of the Relief Rover team is making the move to hound. This includes Customer Success Manager Meaghan McElroen, Product Manager Sunny Shao, and Founder Dr. Cindy Trice. Dr. Trice will also serve as the Chief Veterinary Officer for the entire hound community – bringing her industry expertise and passion for relief work to the newly blended organization.

What kind of technological improvements will you be making to Relief Rover?

Your request for a more sophisticated technology platform was one of the catalysts of this partnership. Over the next six months or so, we will roll out stronger tech tools, like those seen on the hound platform. We can’t wait to share the new improvements with you, so we will keep you informed along the way. 

We are targeting the first quarter of 2024 for some of these technological improvements.

As a DVM/Tech user of Relief Rover, will my privacy options change now that you are part of hound?

We respect your right to privacy, and we will keep safeguarding it with options that ensure you can choose whether to be visible or not to potential employers.

As a DVM/Tech user of Relief Rover, does this mean I will now get approached by recruiters?

No. We do not allow recruiting agencies on the Relief Rover platform. It is possible you could be approached by an employee of our Corporate Hospital Group members. These internal HR employees typically handle the “recruitment” of all veterinary professionals and workers, including relief veterinarians and technicians. If you choose to sign-up for hound's product, scout, you'll then be open to recruiting.

What if I already use Scout and Relief Rover?

For now, you can continue to use both products separately. Soon, Relief Rover will be accessible within Hound and you will have one login.For employers using Scout and Relief Rover, contact us to learn about discounted pricing for Rally.

How big is the Relief Rover community and the hound community?

We are thrilled to join our companies and our communities together to offer even more benefits for both through this partnership. Relief Rover has grown to almost 5,000 relief veterinarians and technicians, while hound’s community of veterinary workers of all kinds stands at 10,000 strong. 

watch the recording of our live town hall!

On August 8th we hosted a town hall to answer our community's questions about hound & relief rover joining forces! Watch the recording from that session below: