culture & retention software for the people of vet med

rally your team with recognition, rewards, feedback, community,
goals, health scores, workforce analytics, and more.

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transforming veterinary culture, together

Christy Schwartz

VA Vet Specialists

I love that hound is building a brighter future in vet med with us. I love their vision and their growth trajectory. Sign up! You won’t regret it!

Melissa Stedman, CVPM

Brandywine Valley Veterinary Hospital

Relationships are everything when it comes to a healthy culture! A great manager knows their relationship with their team directly influences a healthy culture and makes their people the #1 priority.

Kristi Crow, DVM

Animal Care Clinic

Veterinary medicine is a team effort and good culture is crucial in this field. Each team member plays a vital role in the experience.

Keep your people happy & hardworking

Retain your most valuable asset, stand out with healthy culture, and supercharge your team.

how it works

Hire easier. free postings. beautiful profiles. relevant candidates.

retention software built by & for vet med

the only employee engagement software built specifically for veterinary teams.



employers create a profile
and add teams in minutes



teams enjoy recognition, growth plans, community, wellness profiles, & more!



employers access robust analytics
and tools to satisfy, engage,
and retain their teams

Get a real pulse

wellness dashboards

Equip yourself with rich workforce analytics to better understand what's working and where you can improve.

grow together as a team

growth & feedback

Help team members grow professionally, and receive valuable, honest feedback from your team to continuously improve your culture.

Show appreciation for your team


Celebrate wins, bond more closely, and help your team feel more positive about the hard work they do every day.

keep the team together


Stay connected, make announcements, and keep your entire team in the loop.

built & priced for veterinary teams

Hound's recruiting, relief, and retention technologies are built specifically for veterinary practices and groups.
Our price points make it easy to invest in a better employee experience & stronger team retention.

relief rover

veterinarian &
support staff relief


per practice, per year
(only pay for booked shifts!)

get started
unlimited users
unlimited locum posts
unlimited per-diem posts
unlimited candidate search
unlimited chat
unlimited relief
no worker buyout fees


modern job search
& recruiting


per practice, per year
($199 billed monthly)

get started
1 premium user
unlimited free users
unlimited job posts
unlimited candidate search
unlimited chat
unlimited hires
nationwide matching


engaging culture
& retention


per practice, per year
($299 billed monthly)

get started
unlimited users
wellness dashboards
turnover prediction
recognition & rewards
surveys & feedback
e-cards & team posts
web & mobile app


bigger discounts for
multiple products & practices

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get bundled
everything included plus...
group dashboards
unlimited linked practices
group user permissions
personalized onboarding
dedicated support
bundled discounts!

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Hire easier. free postings. beautiful profiles. relevant candidates.

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they join

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build the culture we’ve all been waiting for

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Send your friends, colleagues, or followers this


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Once the practice goes through a full billing cycle, we'll send you your cash!

Practice referrals will be paid out for veterinary practice referrals once the practice begins paying. You can refer your manager, but managers can not refer themselves.

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