Veterinary Receptionists are the Backbone of Your Veterinary Practice

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Veterinary Receptionists Week is April 24th-30th this year. To celebrate, we asked a few of our favorite veterinary receptionists what their role is really like and why they truly are the backbone of veterinary practices. 

What are some things veterinary receptionists do that aren't on the job description?

"At my practice, we protect the medical team and make their lives easier! CSRs need confident knowledge of FAQs, especially from new puppy owners. We also do the majority of patient-specialist coordination, which can be extensive and time-consuming." - Kira Goldsmith, Small Door Veterinary

"Being the voice of comfort for the parents of the pets. We also educate pet parents on how to take good care of their pets and being a good support system for clients when needed." - Mary Santivanez, InstaVet Urgent Care

What is the most challenging part of being a veterinary receptionist?

"The emotional toll — we love these patients just as much as the medical team and develop close relationships with the owners through in-person and virtual communications. That said, there's a delicate balance between client advocacy and supporting the practice regulations. Additionally, we field calls from the public —some of which are very upsetting to hear and can catch you off-guard." - Kira

"I believe navigating the many unique challenges that come with the day can be quite taxing because we do not know how clients will react during a stressful situation." - Mary

So, how can we better support veterinary receptionists in our practices?

"I'm grateful for my full lunch breaks and social time to get to know my coworkers! I think any management team that consistently checks in with their CSR crew's wellbeing (over constant demand) is heading in the right direction." - Kira

"I am a strong advocate for personal care with an emphasis on mental health. In my day-to-day job responsibilities, I ensure that my team has the necessary time to focus on their mental health. I have seen really impactful benefits from this and would be thrilled to see the industry adopt this approach." - Mary

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