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Encore Vet Group creates “simply amazing” candidate-centered experiences with scout

Courtney Hamilton, LVT
Talent Acquisition Manager @ Encore Vet Group
Austin Huff
Head of Customer Experience @ hound
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Courtney Hamilton, LVT
Talent Acquisition Manager @ Encore Vet Group
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The one and only Courtney Hamilton, LVT

Courtney has been a licensed veterinary technician for the past 11 years. In that time, she has developed expertise in both general practice and emergency medicine.

In her role, Courtney works strategically with Encore's HR team to support the needs of their partner hospitals. Courtney achieves greater heights in the field by developing and maintaining processes that help utilize Encore's company goals, strategies, and culture.

Courtney enjoys yoga, training at the gym, and gardening. In her downtime, she enjoys spending time with her three cats, one dog and her husband, Brad.

Tell us about Encore Vet Group

We’re a community of veterinary hospitals who share a passion for the profession and we want to enrich the lives of veterinary professionals.

We support each practice with recruiting efforts, culture initiatives, and leadership throughout our partner hospitals. On my team, we’re always looking to strengthen the handover from the point of acquisition to recruiting efforts.

We spend a great deal of time learning more about each and every hospital we acquire. Encore truly wants each practice to have autonomy in how they run. But of course in today's environment, everyone is hiring! Then we do what we do best to support our partnered practices - post jobs, reach out to candidates, and source the right people.

What are some challenges in Vet Med you're excited to see solved?

Vet med is behind in terms of tech and HR solutions. Vet Med has a growing talent shortage and we have to enrich the lives of veterinary staff.

We have to encourage the industry as a whole that we can do better in taking care of the people who work in Vet Med. This is the biggest challenge we face with no great short-term solution. (Rally is coming soon! 😉)  

What excites you the most about the future of work solutions we're building for Vet Med?

I love that hound is super geared towards the veterinary space and community. Other companies neglect Vet Med entirely and it’s great that hound truly cares about solving these problems for our industry exclusively.

What excites me most is that it's a niche solution creating a better experience for recruiters, employers, and employees alike.

What are some magic moments you've had on scout?

The best thing is we get a lot of candidate movement through tailored notifications and insights shown on their profile cards.

How cool is it that you’re able to tap into a new pool of talent that might not be actively searching, but they’ve viewed one of your open jobs multiple times, and you receive those notifications. This is a great indicator & touchpoint to start a conversation.

With this visibility, we’ve been able to schedule a lot of interviews and hire. Other platforms have outdated resume banks, but hound lets us search, qualify, and connect seamlessly. I think it’s so organic to reach out once candidates view your job, and it’s much easier to start conversations on hound.

What has been your favorite part of working with us so far?

The ease of use, the level of support, and abundance of talent. The talent pool is incredible where I can easily screen and qualify talent relevant to our positions available.

Hound support is next to none - we’ve never felt so heard. Hound really cares and truly shows us they want us to continue making successful hires and we truly value that. At hound, they’re subject matter experts and listen to all our feedback. What’s crazy is when we share feedback or requests and see it added to hound within weeks.

If you had one thing to tell the entire vet med community about hound, what would it be?

Get on hound because they’re simply amazing.

They’re an amazing community based company that truly understands the needs of vet med. They are bringing awareness and solutions to the biggest challenges in our industry.

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