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Innovetive Petcare easily sources, interviews, hires, and relocates talent with scout

Jessica Geary
Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor (DVMs) @ Innovetive Petcare
Austin Huff
Head of Customer Experience @ hound
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Jessica Geary
Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor (DVMs) @ Innovetive Petcare
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The one and only, Jessica Geary

Jessica is a true conduit of people, a natural connector. Jessica spent a handful of years as a technical recruiter before realizing her true passion was connecting passionate veterinary professionals with amazing career opportunities.

She leads with transparency and connection within the communities IPC serves, and is a strong proponent of a candidate-centered approach.

Tell us about Innovetive Petcare

Innovetive Petcare leans into fun & community. It is at the forefront of everything we do and aspire to be. A fulfilling workplace culture is a critical foundation for hospital growth. Happier employees do better work, which leads to better patient care.

Our leadership is amazing and, like most companies, profitability is a focus. But truly, culture comes first at IPC. We are ultimately here to help protect practices’ legacies and enhance their operations.

We understand the struggles of the industry and a lot of the times, it’s rooted in Vet Med not trying new things. So we’re versatile, agile, and have the ‘no bad ideas’ mindset. Our CEO listens, and management listens. We’ve created a collaborative and fun community of pets and people. 

My ultimate goal in my role is finding the most perfect fit for someone to join our practices - I just want to help people. I’m a strong proponent of candidate-centered experiences, which just makes everyone’s life easier.

What are some challenges in veterinary medicine you’re excited to see solved? 

The shortage of veterinary talent in general paired with tools that aren’t built for Vet Med makes it hard to recruit. Other platforms aren’t intuitive or fun to be on, and we end up losing tons of time.

If you’ve been in vet med for a while, you know that there historically hasn’t been much focus in the industry on supporting people. We are changing that dynamic, and think what hound is building fully supports our initiatives.

What excites you the most about the future of work solutions we're building for Vet Med?

I really love your big focus on strengthening culture in Vet Med. That’s also very important to us at IPC.

What are some magic moments you've had on scout?

Honestly, I love getting views on jobs which is leading to upstream conversations for passive job seekers & allowing us to tell them about any of our open roles.

Funny enough, we recently placed a doctor who was viewing our jobs but not applying. I received my custom notifications, reached out prior to her applying, and ended up relocating her for an open position that she hadn’t seen yet.

The way you've built the product makes our outreach come off as non-committal, so candidates are not scared to have a conversation with us.

Scout ultimately allows us to have more and better conversations with candidates.

I also really like the features that we can add to the practices that are relevant to veterinary professionals. We've enjoyed building attractive profiles with transparency on pay, appointment volume, team size, pictures, and so on.

What has been your favorite part of working with us so far?

I really appreciate that hound is so receptive and responsive. It is very refreshing to be able to say, “Hey! I really like this feature, but here’s an idea that would be great to have,” and then before you know it, that feature is in the product.

Your open line of communication has been great. Being at the forefront of a new product and able to share our requests is very beneficial.

Also, getting started and using the product is so easy. I think that’s something candidates appreciate, too.

If you had one thing to tell the entire vet med community about hound, what would it be?

I would say that hound is extremely creative in building solutions for what employers need, and just as focused on creating a unique candidate experience. It’s a game-changer.

I think more often than not, companies just focus on the employers as they’re the ones paying for the service. But when it comes to providing value to users, the candidates should see value too. I think hound has done a great job building a platform for both employers and candidates.

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