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Veterinary technician recruited for a position she "never even dreamed of"

Mikaela Logan
Veterinary Technician @ Virginia Veterinary Specialists
Sara Ott
Head of Community Experience @ hound
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Mikaela Logan
Veterinary Technician @ Virginia Veterinary Specialists
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The one and only, Mikaela Logan

When asked about Mikaela, Christy Schwartz (Executive Director of Virginia Veterinary Specialists) said, "Mikaela is such an excellent representation of the industry and its growth." 

We couldn't agree more.

Bubbly, positive, and excited for her new job, Mikaela is a prime example of this new generation of veterinary professionals — eager to learn, grow, and make vet med a better place.

After she landed her new job with VVS through scout, we sat down and asked her about her job search experience.

How did you feel about the initial sign-up experience on scout?

The sign up experience was a breeze! Very simple to complete and user friendly.

I really enjoy the little “flossing” animal dances while the pages are loading, and I love that you can set the profile to actively searching or not.

What was the job search experience like?

The job search experience was enjoyable!

I wasn’t looking to change jobs or relocate at the time, and looking back at my notifications I received a message from Christy a couple days after I created my profile, and I never messaged back until Ashley reached out months later.

I love how interested parties are notified when others view their profiles/practices.

It’s a huge improvement from other job boards or the outdated “call the vet schools and check their job boards” method. 

What do you think is the main benefit of using scout?

Scout provides both parties with transparency and streamlined communication.

You get to view pictures of the practice, match percentage, salary range, shift information, job title, and start date by quickly scrolling instead of reading paragraphs trying to see if you are qualified and interested in a position. 

I’m incredibly excited for my new position and have felt so welcomed by the team. I never would have dreamed I would be moving to VA and working in a specialty clinic.

It’s truly a dream come true, and I am so grateful for Scout and VVS. 

I look forward to watching Scout grow and connect other veterinary professionals with their dream positions.

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