Hound Announces Launch of First-Of-Its-Kind Veterinary Work Platform

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DENVER, CO | Following the July 2023 acquisition of Relief Rover, the Hound team has been hard at work building an updated version of Relief Rover as part of their existing job search and recruiting product, Scout.

With this new release, Hound now offers an all-in-one talent solution that’s the first of its kind in the veterinary industry. This solution offers full-time, part-time, and relief positions all in one place. This solution gives veterinary professionals flexibility and transparency in how and where they want to work, helping combat the access to veterinary care issues we face in the pet industry.

“We are at an inflection point in veterinary medicine. Demand for pet care is far outpacing the veterinary industry and placing intense pressure on our ecosystem. We have no choice but to modernize our workforce and create new and efficient modes of delivering care. The future of work in veterinary medicine includes worker autonomy, career satisfaction, and accessible distributed care,” says Andrew Luna, CEO of Hound. “We started Hound to address this and transform the way people think about and do work in veterinary medicine. Flexible work is a core piece of that solution, and we’re so excited to further that mission via our veterinary work platform.”

Dr. Cindy Trice, Founder of Relief Rover and Hound’s Chief Veterinary Officer, agrees. “Relief Rover is delighted to join this community - strengthening the veterinary field by connecting an even wider pool of relief professionals and employers to create freedom and sustainability for the profession we love.”

Together, Hound’s products comprise a community of 20,000+ veterinary workers across the United States, and several hires are made daily on the platform. To learn more about Hound’s product suite, head to

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